Dave Chappelle was standing on the SNL stage 4 years ago when Donald Trump was elected president.  A pretty disappointing day.  But it is 4 years later and Dave Chappelle speaks of a new day. The 2020 Presidential Election Day results wouldn’t have been nothing without Dave Chappelle speaking on it. A nervous Dave Chappelle opened up […]

Saturday Night Live returned for it’s 46th season however writers didn’t have time to write in the breaking news of President Donald Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19. But SNL born and bred comedian/actor Chris Rock much like a NFL quarter back knows how to call an audible at the line to address everything that is […]

If you are a Eddie Murphy fan you will never forget his Bill Cosby bit when Dr. Huxtable was at his high, and Murphy say’s called him saying “I would like to talk to youuuuu about the stuff you use in your show”, stuff meaning sh@t.  Well after Eddie Murphy’s triumphant return to SNL after […]

Dave Chappelle has been away for a while. He even asked for patience while starting his monologue last night on Saturday Night Live. He then unapologetically followed that up with not 1, not 2 but 3 (well maybe 2/12) “N” words and a “P” word. Saturday Night Live is “LIVE” with they say a slight […]