Insurrection (FILE)

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A Texas father took snitches get stitches to whole other level.

Can you imagine watching the siege on The U.S. Capitol and recognizing someone you know making a fool of themselves then being left with the decision of turning them into them FBI?  Now blink your imagination and picture seeing your own daddy participating in the siege, would you turn him in to the FBI?  How about if your daddy threatened your life after the fact?  Talk about having a traumatizing moment in your life.

Texas man, Guy Reffitt, a man living in a very nice house with a wife and children let his right wing ways break up his happy home when he attended the siege on The U.S. Capitol.  When he returned home after words he told his family that he need to erase everything, then told his children that traitors get shot.  To make things even more traumatizing for his children when the turned their dad in, their mother told authorities that she didn’t think that her husband would have literally killed his kids.

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