A parents worst fear is to let their children out of their sight, their worst nightmare is to hear that their child will never return home again. Breaking news yesterday caused parents hearts around the world to break as an 18 year old walked into an elementary school in Texas and opened fire killing what […]

School shootings were something that was just unheard of back in the day, unfortunately we hear about a school shooting way too often these day. Because of these shootings we find there are metal detectors in our children’s schools, our babies are having to use clear or mesh backpacks more importantly our teachers now have […]

A video went viral yesterday that made everyone that viewed it get sick to their stomach. Without out even listening to the sound a grown officer is scene restraining a young lady who appears to be a teenager, by sitting on her stomach causing her to vomit. With sound you can her the young lady […]

R&B singer Kelly Price, Lyfe Jennings and standup comedian Marcus D. Wiley, was slated to performer at a concert, the 1NE Hope Experience in Galveston, Texas on Saturday when things got funky because the promoter didn’t pay Kelly Price her coins so she took to Instagram Live to put promoter Kendrick James on blast, and […]

Most have been receiving the benefits of stimulus cash because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the hopes of some being able to pay their bills after losing their jobs, some people have been doing free-fall money spending.  Financial advisors have been giving out the advice that if you can, pay off debt, save the money […]

We have all heard stories of human trafficking and illegal immigrants being smuggled into the country.  We are never  really privy to the how’s, when’s or why’s.  But for one minute imagine you are a police officer giving a 911 call to go and check something out in a quaint, quiet neighborhood only to discover […]

In Northeast, Ohio and even Chicago we are accustomed to brutal winters with snow storms and icy road conditions.  Hazardous road conditions in the North are basically par for the course in December, January and February however south of the Mason Dixon line our norm is an abnormality and things we take for granted like […]

A Texas father took snitches get stitches to whole other level. Can you imagine watching the siege on The U.S. Capitol and recognizing someone you know making a fool of themselves then being left with the decision of turning them into them FBI?  Now blink your imagination and picture seeing your own daddy participating in […]

This story is just one of many examples of why people are so upset with how the siege against The U.S. Capital was handled, and why race unfortunately does matter on how things are handled. Sad news has went viral as it is being reported that a local Texas  Pastor was shot and killed by […]

The stars at night are big and bright (clap, clap, clap, clap) Deep in the heart of Texas…and so is some rogue Trump supporters, but the FBI is about to get them together after they decided to surround the former Vice Presidents campaign bus and allegedly run them off the road.  Well they are going to […]

This was a tragedy and sign of biblical proportions.  On Saturday someone’s thought it was a great idea to have a parade of boats on Lake Travis in Texas in support of Donald Trumps run to remain in The White House. however 20 minutes into the parade on water that was comprised of pontoon boats, […]

When we were all children it was almost a ritual that when the real teacher was away we used the substitute teacher to play. But playing with this particular substitute teacher in Texas led to an assault on a student. 32 Year old substitute teacher Tiffani Shadell Lankford at Lehman High School in Kyle, Texas, […]