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Most have been receiving the benefits of stimulus cash because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the hopes of some being able to pay their bills after losing their jobs, some people have been doing free-fall money spending.  Financial advisors have been giving out the advice that if you can, pay off debt, save the money or invest it, as being the smartest thing to do, capitalize off the free-fall.  Unfortunately for one burger joint owner he was taking that advice pre-pandemic and now he is facing 27 years in jail for using his SNAP to purchase food for his menu.

Johnny Ray Coleman, owner of Coleman’s Burger Deli in Beaumont, Texas was accused food stamp fraud back in 2019 and yesterday a judge sentenced Johnny Ray Coleman to 27 years in prison for “illegal possession/transfer of EBT benefits.”  According to authorities Johnny Ray Coleman used EBT funds to purchase large amounts of hamburger meat, chicken wings, pork chops, French fries, hamburger buns, shrimp, drinks and condiments to supply the menu at his restaurant Coleman’s Burger Deli.  Authorities claim that Johnny Ray Coleman, who has been in trouble with the law before, allegedly made 300 purchases from over 92 different EBT cards from over 61 SNAP recipients, totaling over $71,000 of food used at the restaurant, based on evidence seized.

Crazy, right?  The answer to that is yes, however is 27 years for SNAP fraud excessive?  What are your thoughts?

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