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A video went viral yesterday that made everyone that viewed it get sick to their stomach. Without out even listening to the sound a grown officer is scene restraining a young lady who appears to be a teenager, by sitting on her stomach causing her to vomit. With sound you can her the young lady pleading that she could breath while her mother pleads with the officer to please get off of her stomach and that it was over 100 degrees outside. Then while officers were taking the young lady to their vehicle the mother is slammed to the ground and cuffed. Viewers watched in horror wondering where did this happen and more importantly are these officers going to be relieved of duty just like the officers that kicked a woman in the face in Atlanta.

Here’s an update on the who, when’s, why’s and WTH’s:

viral video surfaced of an incident in the Deerfield Heights neighborhood, of Forney, TX, of a Kaufman County Sheriff’s Deputy pinning a woman to the ground for several minutes, after receiving a call from someone who claimed the woman, identified as Nekia Trigg, was trying to jump in front of cars. Her mother, Antanique Ray, who is present during the incident, tries to calm her daughter down and pleads with the sheriff to get off of her. The rest of what happened can be seen on video (see below). Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying they were reviewing the incident after the video had went viral.  Read The Kaufman County Sheriff’s statement here

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