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What’s done in the dark is being brought to light as cell phone video recording devices are exposing police brutality, Karen’s and Karl’s all over the world.  What was once deemed as people exaggerating about racist behavior geared towards them is now being put on blast so that the offenders can either get an education on the fact they are racist, lose their job because their is now proof that they are racist or end up in jail because 2021 (yes we are going to claim it) is the year of getting justices for the unjust.

A female driver was trying to do her job when she was unceremoniously attacked with racial slurs before her attacker threatened to blow her head off.  All of this in front of her young child.  Thank God she wasn’t hurt but more importantly she was brave enough to hit record because now appears her viral encounter may get her some justice. (see video below)

It’s now being reported that 53 year old James Thomas Rhodes of Stow, Ohio who went on that vicious racist rant, towards a black female DoorDash driver has been charged with ethnic intimidation, a fifth-degree felony; and aggravated menacing, a first-degree misdemeanor according to Stow Municipal Court records.   James Rhodes who exploded on the woman repeatedly called her the N-word and threatened to shoot her with an AK-47 for delivering food in his apartment complex is also being reported have been evicted from the apartment complex where the incident occurred, and he has also been fired from his job.  Allegedly.  James Rhodes has pleaded not guilty and is out on a $10k bond.   Read More

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