Mayor Rahn Emanuel And Chicago Police Superintendent McCarthy To Release Police Shooting Video

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The horror of George Floyd’s murder played out in real time on social media however so did the problem of systemic racism. Sadly finally it took a murder that was posted on social to get the NFL, the NBA as well as corporate America to admit that there is a racism problem, people that followed the lead of Colin Kaepernick taking a knee had a point and public apologies from higher up’s followed suit.

Oddly enough upon research corporations and universities said sorry however maybe not sorry, as a discovery has been made, “The 4 Percent Problem”.

Jamal Simmons wrote an article titled “The 4 Percent Problem”  which speaks of America’s leading institutions having a problem, many of them made commitments to reckon with systemic racism, but their own diversity data revealed they don’t have the leadership in place to effectively deal with America’s most intractable problem, hence “The 4 Percent Problem”.

Today Jamal Simmons sat down to break down his powerful article “The 4 Percent Problem”.  Take a look at the video below.

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