The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 13

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Don’t come for Simon Goubadia’s niece with the peach unless he sends for you.

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Williams has been the talk of the week when the tea was spilled that she had gotten engaged to Falynn Guobadia’s freshly divorced husband Simon Guobadia.  The engagement became a hot topic because Falynn was a friend of the RHOA franchise and upon introduction to all of us this past season, Porsha was introduced to Falynn’s husband Simon in the episode.   Fast forwarding Falynn and Simon got divorced after the season of RHOA ended, Porsha say’s she and Falynn weren’t friends and she had nothing to do with the divorce.  Word on the street was Falynn had cheated on Simon so of course with the announcement of Simon and Porsha’s engagement the trolls have been looking at them side eyed.  Hence the internet trial of wheather or not Porsha broke the ‘girl code’.

Shortly after the trial started another young lady posted alleged receipts that somewhere between Simon getting a divorce then getting engaged to Porsha, Simon was her boo.  Now the friendsband of the RHOA, that the other ladies was teasing about being an old man in responding the way an OG would to the allegation that he was with Ms. Blonde Receipts.

Simon Guobadia is going to make a great peaches husband because he posted Ms. Blonde’s so called receipt with a message saying that if you can prove this happened I give you $50K.

Now that’s what you call putting your money were your mouth is.  I wonder who will win that bet?

Take a look at Simon Guobadia’s post below.

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