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Reality television Hip Hop star and podcast host Joe Budden has been accused of mistreating women he dated in the past however it seems that the accusations of sexual harrasment by him is finding it’s way into his studio of  ‘See The Thing Is’ podcast now according to DJ Olivia Dope the Scandal is real.

Olivia Pope was a fixer but DJ Olivia Dope is a mixer that is now giving her spin on Joe Budden’s toxic behavior towards women in the work place.  According to DJ Olivia Dope via a video she posted Joe Budden may say ‘See The Thing Is’, but Olivia Dope say’s what really had happened was, when she left Joe Budden’s show over 3 months ago it was continuously sexual, suggestive remarks that caused her to feel extremely uncomfortable as well as fearful for 3 years.  The last straw for DJ Dope was in January of 2021….allegedly:

On January 18, 2021, Joe Budden sat in on a recording of the female-led podcast I was a part of and continuously made sexual, suggestive remarks to me that made me extremely uncomfortable as well as fearful of dampening the mood if I didn’t laugh along while he made those sexual remarks to me. Those moments not only live on the internet forever, it also forced me into the decision of quitting the podcast.

Another difference between Olivia Pope and DJ Olivia Dope is that Joe Budden is not Fitz and unwanted sexual and suggestive remarks in the 2000’s especially in the work place is a no no.

Take a look at DJ Olivia Dopes video testimony below then give us your thoughts.

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