Reality television Hip Hop star and podcast host Joe Budden has been accused of mistreating women he dated in the past however it seems that the accusations of sexual harrasment by him is finding it’s way into his studio of  ‘See The Thing Is’ podcast now according to DJ Olivia Dope the Scandal is real. Olivia […]

Green Book‘s Best Picture — Musical or Comedy win at the Golden Globes arrived with some controversy, which is quickly being eclipsed by unearthed past acts from the filmmakers. First, an old tweet from writer Nick Vallelonga resurfaced, and folks realized that he climbed onboard with now-President Donald Trump’s bogus claim that Muslims celebrated 9/11 in the […]

A few hours after news broke that her husband Les Moonves is resigning from CBS, Julie Chen announced she will be taking a break as a co-host on the network’s The Talk. According to Deadline, season 9 of the show premiered Monday without Chen, but she will still be hosting Big Brother on Thursday. “I am taking a few days off from The Talk to […]

As previously forecast, Chris Hardwick returned to host The Talking Deadfollowing AMC’s investigation into abuse allegations from his ex-Chloe Dykstra. She had penned an explosive Medium post about an unnamed ex-boyfriend, and the details and timing described in her piece all pointed to Hardwick as the subject of the claims, although she did not participate in the investigative process. Both AMC […]

On Tuesday, actor and sexual assault survivor Terry Crews testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Expendables veteran spoke at length about the bill itself, as well as the culture of “toxic masculinity” he has experienced — both as a victim and as a participant — in and outside of Hollywood. […]

Yesterday a sexual assault allegation against Jamie Foxx surfaced, after one woman filed a police report claiming the actor non consensually struck her with his penis back in 2002. Though Foxx is in no danger of legal retribution, since the statute of limitations is a short three years in Las Vegas, Nevada where the assault allegedly took place, other […]

While Brian De Palma continues work on his Harvey Weinstein-inspired horror script, the man himself was back in court in Manhattan on Tuesday. The disgraced mogul faces three felony counts, including multiple rape and criminal sexual act charges. He was formally indicted by a grand jury after his smiling perp walk, and weeks later, it seems that nothing about […]

Morgan Freeman’s lawyer has asked CNN to retract its report about sexual misconduct allegations against the actor. The 10-page legal letter, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, is addressed to Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, and claims the story has defamed and “inflicted serious injury” on Freeman’s reputation and career. “At a minimum, CNN immediately needs to issue a […]

Broadcaster Tom Brokaw is the now the subject of sexual misconduct allegations following a new report published by the Washington Post. Two women in the Post‘s report say Brokaw made unwelcome sexual advances towards them in the 1990s. Former NBC correspondent Linda Fester told the Post that Brokaw had twice made these advances, while another woman (who requested to keep […]

Following Shaun White’s gold medal win in Pyeongchang on Tuesday, a news conference turned a little testy when a reporter brought up White’s settlement of a 2016 sexual harassment lawsuit brought by his former Bad Things bandmate, Lena Zawaideh. In response to whether these resurfaced allegations would “tarnish your legacy,” White brushed away the question: “I’m here to talk […]

Following days of “show no mercy” victim statements from dozens of female athletes who were sexually abused by Larry Nassar, the ex-Team USA doctor’s sentencing has finally happened. Nassar had complained that he didn’t have the mental ability to withstand these statements, which were relatively few, considering that he pleaded guilty to molesting over 150 women and girls during […]

While James Franco’s Golden Globes win for The Disaster Artist was met with the ire of irritated Tommy Wiseau fans, actress and activist Ally Sheedy (The Breakfast Club) and others criticized the actor for an entirely different set of reasons. In a string of tweets that were promptly deleted, the star of several ’80s classics asked why Franco was even “allowed in” […]