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Trending high with a gust of a viral video is Meek Mill’s new album ‘Expensive Pain’ and not because of the music on it but because of the risqué album cover, that is also wrapped around a bus cruising the streets of Philadelphia. Meek Mill’s newly released album, Expensive Pain, album cover features an illustration of Meek Mill surrounded by three naked Black women in provocative poses. One is seen holding on to a stripper pole, while another is bent over while grabbing her ankles, also with pink emphasis on the women’s VJ’s.

A man that wasn’t of African American descent went off on a now viral video about the depiction of black women on the bus wrap which sparked another debate on whether he should have spoke on it at all. Political commentator Dr. Boyce Watkins took to Twitter questioning whether the cover art should be advertised on things such as buses which will then expose young children to the nudity.  Dr. Watkins posed the question via Twitter about Meek Mill’s album cover, ‘Should they have this on the side of a city bus that can be seen by children?’

Today coming to the defense of Meek Mill is Grammy Award winning rapper, actor, and activist Killer Mike, who is of the opinion that Meek Mill’s album cover as well as Roc Nations marketing teams billboard and bus campaign is ART.  Killer Mike’s response to Dr. Boyce Watkins Tweet question was:

It’s art. Absolutely. We as a society see naked humans in art in museums. We should also be cultured enough as adults & parents to have a convo about nudity & art with our children. I say this as a parent, rapper & a High Museum of ART Board member. Love & Respect Doc.

Do you agree with Killer Mike or with the random non-African American man in the video below?  [WARNING: The video below contains strong and colorful language]

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