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The rumors were true, well, to some degree.  Rapper Meek Mill is leaving Roc Nation but not for the reasons shade throwers are thinking.  All relationships don’t end in divorce, and divorces don’t end a relationship. Meek Mill took to his own social media to set the record straight about him and Roc Nation: “All I saw […]

Trending high with a gust of a viral video is Meek Mill’s new album ‘Expensive Pain’ and not because of the music on it but because of the risqué album cover, that is also wrapped around a bus cruising the streets of Philadelphia. Meek Mill’s newly released album, Expensive Pain, album cover features an illustration of […]

The rapper Meek Mills rode in the justice system unjustifiably for way longer than he should have due to systemic racism and an over zealous judge in Philadelphia.  Since then Meek Mills has made it his mission to help others overcome an unjustified fate at the hands of someone’s idea that because of the color […]

It appears that Kanye West is going South, mentally, at least it appears to be the case. Or is it?  The alleged breakdown started around the 4th of July when Kanye West announced his vision for 2020 was to make 1600 Pennsylvania Ave his residents. When Kanye West made the announcement that he was separating from Trump […]

Congratulations are in order as it has been reported that rapper/activists Meek Mill received the greatest gift of all for his 33rd birthday from his girlfriend fashion designer Milan Harris, the birth of a King. The happy couple made the announcement of the birth of their baby boy via social media. This is Milan Harris’ first […]

  Utah School Policy Forbids Students From Saying “No” When Asked To Dance At School Functions A principal at a middle school in Utah, decided to deal with male rejection, and totally ignore a females right to say no, by making it school policy that if a boy asks a girl to dance at his school, […]

Twerking has went from the pole’s of some men favorite watering holes to the night club and to households.  Twerking has almost became an acceptable form of dance as we see reality television stars doing it on prime time as well as people posting their toddlers doing it for the gram.  Twerking has been held […]

Meek Mill’s is not only a rapper but he is a man on a mission to right the injustices handed to the innocent from the unjust hands of those hiding in sheep’s clothing. Rapper Meek Mill went through his own tale of injustice that spanned over a 12 year period before it was finally made […]

After the long drawn out legal drama spider web that Robert Williams aka rapper Meek Mill was caught in, it is being reported that the rapper is now officially a free man. Over 12 years ago the rapper Meek Mill before the fame walked out of his cousins house to go to the store when […]

God never put’s more on us than we can handle, and life is about what we do with that thing that was put on us.  In the case of Meek Mill his trials and tribulations from a youthful mistake that had been made punishable unfairly and not giving room for change by a justice system […]

Less than a week after Meek Mill accused the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas of discrimination, the hotel is set to publicly apologize to Meek for threatening him with arrest. Per TMZ, the Cosmo will issue a “significant public apology” that will express regret and accept fault when Meek was told to leave the hotel. […]

Meek Mill and members of his crew were denied entry into a Las Vegas hotel over the weekend, and now his attorney is set to file a lawsuit as a result. According to Meek’s lawyer, the Cosmopolitan denied the Philadelphia rapper and his crew due to racism and not the claims of the venue being […]