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It appears that Kanye West is going South, mentally, at least it appears to be the case. Or is it?  The alleged breakdown started around the 4th of July when Kanye West announced his vision for 2020 was to make 1600 Pennsylvania Ave his residents.

When Kanye West made the announcement that he was separating from Trump and creating his own birthday party it was thought he had missed the deadline to join in the presidential election race, but apparently depending on how much you have in the bank determines whether that is true or not.  So Ye is in.

Then over the weekend dressed to the nines in a bullet proof vest Yeezy gave his first campaign speech at his first campaign rally in South Carolina where he gave a history lesson on how Harriett Tubman didn’t free any slaves, weed should be free and that he is pro-life because he and his wife Kim Kardashian almost aborted North West.

The speech allegedly, ticked Kim Kardashian off (understandably so), as well as having his friends and family in deep concern for the rapper/producers mental health.

Well, whether or not he is having a mental health crisis, is not clear, but Yeezy thinking that his friends and family is concerned is clear as he has been Tweeting for the past 48 hours about his family is trying to lock him up.

But now there is a twist.

Kanye West Tweeted that Kim Kardashian tried to have him committed with a couple of doctors in tow, but Ye say’s he’s  not crazy and that he has been trying to get a divorce from Kim Kardashian because he thinks she was entangling around with rapper Meek Mill when she met with Meek in regards to prison reform.

“I been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldolf for ‘prison reform.’ I got 200 more to go. This my lady tweet of the night … Kris Jong-Un Lil baby my favorite rapper but won’t do a song wit me. Meek is my man and was respectful That’s my dog Kim was out of line I’m worth 5 billion dollars and more than that through Christ But ya’ll ain’t listen to MJ and now ya’ll believe them???

The tweet has since been deleted again for the second day in a row. (see post below)

Meek Mill and Kim Kardashian activism for prison reform has been highly publicized in the press as well as on social media, but it looks like Kanye is now being an activist for trying to air more Kim K dirty laundry out.

Is he crae crae and needs help?  Dave Chappelle hopped on a plane to go check on Kanye West (see video below), however, we are not sure, but the one thing Kanye West definitely needs that we can offer is, prayer.


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