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If not for his 2020 murder at the hands of a now ex-Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer who is now an incarcerated murder, George Floyd would have celebrated his 48th birthday on October 14, 2021.

In honor of his birthday Grammy Award winning singer Erykah Badu during a recent concert made sure the crowd acknowledged George Floyd going into his birthday just minutes away with a message of his life was not in vain and along with a thank you to George Floyd for his spirit and sacrifice.

“People of planet Earth, we’re about four minutes away from George Floyd’s birthday…He would’ve been 48 years old, and I’m here with his family now. It seems like we have a moment of peace right now, and we know that your life was not in vain….Thank you for your spirit and your sacrifice,…So that we can move on the way that we should, be where we supposed to as a people.”

Queen Erykah Badu left the Minneapolis stage and celebrated George Floyd’s Born Day backstage with the Floyd family that included George Floyds sister, uncle, aunt and other members of his family.

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