This time.. it's for The Culture. The decade's hottest concert comes to Cleveland on March 4, 2022.

If not for his 2020 murder at the hands of a now ex-Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer who is now an incarcerated murder, George Floyd would have celebrated his 48th birthday on October 14, 2021. In honor of his birthday Grammy Award winning singer Erykah Badu during a recent concert made sure the crowd acknowledged George Floyd going into his […]

Ooh la la la, The Fugees, original members, Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill and Pras, are back together for the first time and 15 years and they were rockin while they were doin their thing on a New York City stage at rooftop venue Pier 17 for a crowd of 3000 fans. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of […]

R&B singer Kelly Price, Lyfe Jennings and standup comedian Marcus D. Wiley, was slated to performer at a concert, the 1NE Hope Experience in Galveston, Texas on Saturday when things got funky because the promoter didn’t pay Kelly Price her coins so she took to Instagram Live to put promoter Kendrick James on blast, and […]

New schoolers here is a Black History fact, old schoolers from the 70’s and 80’s, do you remember when there was just a Black History Day in some classrooms?  The Black History day when a whole lot of folks found out there was a Black National Anthem, and learned the first verse.  Although we have […]

50 Cents singing you can find me in da club, bottle full of bub, is not the look we are going for during the COVID-19 pandemic especially in the state of Ohio with several counties in Level Purple.  One of those counties that has been at Level Purple for more than a few weeks though […]

That’s the way it goes on Love’s Train when our favorite artists gives back to their fans as we all are needing #StayHome encouragement during this COVID-19 pandemic.  And the Forever Valentine King, his name is Charlie, last name Wilson AKA uncle Charlie is showing love for all of us by live streaming a concert today […]

Believe it or not 9 times out of 10 when we are having relationship issues it is written all over your face.  At some point of time we told somebody I miss you so much, baby come back.  Then there are the times when we just flat out have to ask the one we love, “are you loney for […]

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are well respected for their entertaining endeavors.  Not to mention have held their marriage together in time and age when divorce is just part of the norm in relationships.  But with all the fame we often don’t recognize that they are parents who have raised children just like you […]

Keith Strawder Sr son thought it would be cool to give his father Janet Jackson tickets for Fathers Day, well when Senior opened his gift his reaction was so shocking that his son decided to put the video on Twitter for giggles. Janet Jackson’s team seen the video and thought it was so dope that […]

Concerts can help you add years to your life. That’s according to a recent study by Patrick Fagan, an expert in behavioral science, and O2, which is a concert venue. “Our research showcases the profound impact gigs have on feelings of health, happiness, and wellbeing—with fortnightly or regular attendance being the key,” Fagan says. “Combining all of […]

CLEVELAND — Meet them at the crossroads on Euclid Avenue at the Agora. Cleveland’s legendary rappers are coming back to Cleveland this summer. The group will perform at the Agora on Friday, June 7. Some of their most popular hits include Grammy-winning “Tha Crossroads”, “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” and “1st of tha Month.” Bone Thugs remains […]