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I’m sure a lot of us have this story when we were terrible teenagers of sneaking drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and/or smoking weed behind an old building or in an unused garage.   For the most part these were harmless teenager’s getting into a little mischief acts, but that was back in the 70’s or 80’s.  In the 2000’s that same scenario turned deadly for two teenagers but thank God there was a third teen with them that survived to help tell their story and convict the man that killed them.

65 year old Victor Santana of Dayton, OH found some teenagers in his detached garage back in 2019 smoking weed one night when he proceeded to shoot and kill 17 year old’s Javier Harrison and Devin Henderson that were sitting in a car inside the garage.  Victor Santana said that he was just ‘Standing His Ground’ but according to the 3rd teenager  Ja’shin Gibson who managed to hide underneath the car, living to tell that Victor Santa didn’t say a word nor warning when he opened fired killing Javier Harrison and Devon Henderson.

Victor Santana was convicted of murder and felonious assault after a judge ruled that the state’s new “stand your ground” defense couldn’t be applied retroactively.

Devin Henderson’s mother reaction to the verdict

“I was thinking, ‘thank you Father, we got justice for our kids,’”  “They can finally get some rest and I can get some sleep.”

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