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When LeBron James was drafted number one out of high school by his hometown (well slightly North of his hometown) NBA team the Cleveland Cavaliers not only was a dream fulfilled for LeBron James but Cleveland fans had hope that the elusive sports Championship that kept evading the city would finally find a home in North East Ohio and what a Cinderella story that was until 2010 when after failing to win a championship with The Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James left signing as a free agent with the Miami Heat.  Fans were upset about LBJ’s decision however all was forgotten when LeBron James came back home in 2014 after playing some years in Miami and receiving a championship.  LeBron returned to Cleveland with an iPromise that he fulfilled in 2016 then he went to L.A. without any fan backlash.  All had been forgotten and forgiven.  However now it appears that Cleveland’s forgetfulness is much deeper then LeBron James leaving Cleveland to go to Miami leaving fans upset, according to ex-Cleveland Cavalier, Iman Shumpert, LeBron James decision ‘ruined basketball’.

Iman Shumpert was a teammate of LeBron James when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship title back in 2016.   In 2021 Iman Shumpert in a new interview is claiming that LeBron James’ decision to join the Miami Heat in 2010 changed the NBA landscape forever.   According to the interview it was that Kevin Durant “ruined basketball” by joining Golden State in 2016, when Iman Shumpert begged to differ.

“It wasn’t KD. It was LeBron first going to Miami. LeBron knows he ruined basketball. He thought he was making it better. Me personally, I loved the NBA for the loyalty that I thought was there. He basically knocked the fourth wall down.”

Then on Twitter Iman Shumpert had this to say.

Find me the year the top player left his throne and joined someone else? Closest thing was Shaq but Bigs have to pair up and Kobe was the juice. Bron had no need and had all the influence. I can debate this all day.

Take a listen to the video below.

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