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Let there be JOY, COMFORT and PEACE…and we are not talking about the JC Penny’s commercial either.

We are not going to pretend to know what is going on with this latest wave of COVID-19 that is causing hell on earth.  Once again we are finding that there isn’t enough testing, the hospitals are filling up with some having no room at the inn.  According to reports deaths of the unvaccinated is startling, but people that have been vaccinated are contracting COVID but their survival rate is great.  Even with all of that the great debate still continues with people on whether to vaccinate or not, a debate where most will say the respect their choice but people that don’t want to wear masks but want to go back to concerts, dinning and large gatherings in pre-pandemic mode has people saying ‘you know what, I’m good…I’ll just stay home’.  However there are many that want to take all the precautions because they want to visit with family for the holiday’s without indirectly shortening their elderly family members life expectancy time clock.  What ever side of the view of COVID-19 you are on e respectful of each other shouldn’t be a debate and for Blac Chyna folks are being selfish and the government needs to step to make people ‘FLY’ right…literally.

Blac Chyna was at LAX double layered in clothing were she told TMZ that she is downright tired of people being ‘selfish’ making travel miserable for everyone else and Blac Chyna believes time for the government to make a mandate.

“It’s way too much. People need to get vaccinated and start thinking about everybody else … the s*** is annoying!”

Do you agree with Blac Chyna?  Take a listen to the vide below, then let us know your thoughts.

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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