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You wake up sometimes and wonder are we really living in the year 2022 or is it 1952??

Some students at a high school in Cincinnati, Ohio though it was a good idea to place ‘Blacks Only’ and ‘Whites Only’ signs over water fountains, take pictures of it and then post it on social media, looking for a reaction, however the reaction for what they did for is their actions to go viral and now face disciplinary actions from the school district.

The parents of students attending Colerain High School, in Cincinnati were made aware of the remembrance of the Jim Crow Era incident in a letter from the school, that some students had taped “Blacks only” and “whites only” signs over water fountains.  The school district was investigating then incident when the students took pictures of the signs posted, removed them then posted the pictures of the signs on social media.

In a statement from the school district:

“Any student, including those who are found to have taken part in sharing the post online will also be subject to disciplinary action,” “The actions that were displayed do not reflect the values and culture of Colerain High School or the Northwest Local School District.”…”we want to make sure our staff, students, families and community, understands where we stand on racial intolerance, discrimination, racism and hatred.”

The school district did not disclose what the nature of the disciplinary action would be.

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