LeBron-inspired Akron school to be subject of a docu-series, filming starts soon

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Their is no place like home, from where it all started from.  Home is a place that although you grow and go, you never forget nor are you for gotten.

Just A Kid From Akron, LeBron James, left for Miami before returning to Cleveland to deliver a championship then departed again for the west coast.  However his promise to his home town of Akron as well as his, I Promise school, has always been kept.  So with the Lakers out of the playoff’s, LBJ took a family vacation to refresh then dropped by his hometown of Akron to surprise the child of ‘I Promise’ school for their last day of school.  LeBron James also dropped in on his, Alma Mater, St. V high school to reminisce a bit before documenting his day in the ‘A’ on Instagram.

“Appreciate y’all letting me crash your last day of school @ipromiseschool!!” … “Love you all and have a fun and safe Summer. Don’t forget what we talked about.”

How cool is that!!

LeBron James and his high school basketball team is filming a documentary throughout Northeast Ohio.  The movie takes place in 2003 and is based on James’s book with Buzz Bissinger, also called “Shooting Stars.

Take a look at LeBron James and St. Vincent-St. Mary High School’s post below.

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