1830 slave cabin, Belle Meade Plantation

Source: Barry Winiker / Getty

As we try to get back to normal while navigating out of the pandemic, people have gone back to traveling.  A lot of people enjoy booking Airbnb’s opposed to hotels because of the price and/or something different, having more of a home style temporary living arrangement opposed to a hotel/motel stay.

When you set your sights on a luxury stay, most would think of a nice cabin, a huge mansion or something trendy that makes you feel like you spent a million bucks but you didn’t.  I can just about guarantee you, not many, would describe a luxury stay as a ‘slave cabin’ that sets right next to a plantation.

There is a listing for an Airbnb in Mississippi for in a bed-and-breakfast accommodation: a suite with exquisite antique furnishings, soft linens, a brand-new bathroom and more.  The ‘more’ is that it’s a restored 1830 ‘slave cabin’ that comes with a view of ‘masters house’.

The listing — which has since been removed from Airbnb — was advertised as “The Panther Burn Cottage at Belmont Plantation” in Greenville, Mississippi. The description said it was formerly a slave cabin in the 1830s, then a sharecropper cabin and medical office for local farmers.

The owner of the Airbnb has also apologized, saying that the cottage’s listing was a leftover from the previous owner, who had locked him out of the social media and property rental accounts until the TikTok post went viral.

Crazy, right?  Take a look at the video below.

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