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Let’s see if we can keep up with this Ray J, Kim K drama that exploded because of an episode on The Kardashians.

Everyone knows that Kim Kardashian became famous not because of her dad representing O.J. Simpson but because of a sex tape that was leaked of her knockin boots with singer Ray J back in 2007.  This was before social media and the dawning of the reality television age.  KUWTK became a huge reality television success after that, retired, then reemerged to Hulu in 2022.  In 2022, it is an episode that went down on Hulu of KUWTK that is causing the 15 years old sex tape to rear its ugly head, and now Ray J has went live threatening to sue Kim Kardashian.

In 2007 Kim K and Ray J were dating when the couple went on a trip to the luxury Esperanza resort in Cabo, Mexico, to celebrate Kardashian’s 23rd birthday. They took a handheld camcorder with them and filmed themselves goofing around for the camera, and also having sex in 2002.  In 2007 the tapes that Kim Kardashian and Ray J had made were released to the public by porn company Vivid Entertainment as Kim Kardashian, Superstar, a 41-minute movie.  In which Kim Kardashian threatened to sue, but didn’t.

Fast forwarding to 2022, there allegedly was a second and third tape that Kanye West rescued from being released, which the story of that just made its way to Hulu.  According to present day Kim Kardashian she was light weight sexually assaulted and is seeking legal advice.  Ray J viewed the episode and is throwing a flag on the play.

Ray J went live in several videos including one that is now a viral video slaying Kim K and her mom Kris Jenner saying that the sex tapes being released were the mastermind of Kris Jenner. Ray J says it’s all an outrageous lie to suggest he sexually assaulted Kim, and he says he’s seriously considering a defamation lawsuit.  Ray J went on to say that if Kim/Kris were so sure he’d leaked the sex tape, as  they’ve strongly indicated for years now, or violated Kim, why hadn’t they sued him yet?  Then Ray J dropped exhibit ‘A’ the contract that he and Kim Kardashian both signed as well as tex messages receipts.

Sounds like the Kardashian’s should have let this sleeping dog lie.

Take a look at Ray J’s live video below.

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