Let’s see if we can keep up with this Ray J, Kim K drama that exploded because of an episode on The Kardashians. Everyone knows that Kim Kardashian became famous not because of her dad representing O.J. Simpson but because of a sex tape that was leaked of her knockin boots with singer Ray J […]

A crazy video went viral the other day of what appeared to be rapper Kodack Black getting his swerve on with a young lady in a box suite during an NHL Florida Panthers game.  Folks then wanted to know shouldn’t charges be brought against the rapper??  According to the Poe Poe…NO, the swerve was actually […]

Social Media went on an Elmer Fudd hunting expedition when someone posted that Jill Scott was on tape living her life like she was golden (if you know what I mean) and it was allegedly leaked on social media, if we had to guess the deep dark Twitter. Well if that was you last night and this morning Jill Scott is […]

R. Kelly made his way to court Tuesday (May 7) to battle claims made by attorney Michael Avenatti, who says he was given a pair of sex tapes showing Kelly engaging in sexual acts with underage girls. Kelly’s side is fighting the claims, saying that Avenatti manipulated and conspired with Cook County State’s Attorney Kim […]

At a press conference in NYC a man by the name of Gary Dennis say’s he was going through some old sports VHS tapes that belonged to him he noticed one of the tapes was labeled R Kelly concert.  Gary Dennis that say’s he has no connection to R Kelly played the tape and to […]

Join Magic’s Text Club And Get The Latest Music, Exclusive Contests and Entertainment News On Your Phone. Text MAGIC to 52140 to join! Since the airing of the shocking documentary ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, Kelly’s music has been pulled off of some streaming services, many notable figures in Hollywood have denounced their affiliation with him, radio stations […]

Ever since ‘Surviving R Kelly’ aired it seems like the wagons have been circling him.  If this story is true the wagon his getting close to hitting him. Attorney Michael Avenatti, has turned over an alleged underage girl sex tape that looks like R. Kelly to authorities.  The tape that was turned into Avenatti by a […]

In BRUH news, prosecutors who are currently investigating R. Kelly are now looking into a newly surfaced video featuring the disgraced R&B singer. According to The New Yorker, a senior law-enforcement official says the videotape may soon lead to his indictment in Illinois. The tape, which was given to CNN by lawyer Michael Avenatti appears to show Kelly […]

Late Friday afternoon, a Florida jury awarded Hulk Hogan $115 million—$15 million more than he originally asked for—in his sex tape lawsuit against Gawker. But that’s not all the money that he stands to collect as a result of his legal victory. As if all that money wasn’t enough, the jury just awarded Hogan another $25 […]

The sex tape starring “Love and Hip Hop” cast members Mimi Faust and boo thang Nikko Smith hasn’t hit the web yet but it’s already…

Porsha Stewart is about to rock the Real Housewives of Atlanta, because the newly divorced reality TV star just made the shocking admission on national television that she has a sex tape. “Well, I was married and I’ve been in long term relationships before so it happened.” Stewart, 32, then tries to clarify as the […]

  *Why I’m suing Johnson Publications and Ebony Magazine. They published a sensationalized lie. RELATED: Background on Leon Isaac Kennedy’s Lawsuit Against Ebony Magazine & Johnson Publishing They accused me of viciously releasing a sex tape during our divorce, insinuating that I purposely tried to ruin Jayne Kennedy’s career and life.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  They published these scandalized […]