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High angle view of moving vehicles on a multilane highway

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Potholes. We all hate them. They make roads a headache to drive and can cause all sorts of car problems. Especially in Ohio.

Ya know, it wasn’t so bad when we were all stuck working from home. But now that morning and evening commutes are back, and kids need to be picked up from here and dropped off over there, we’re all starting to realize – again – that the streets we drive could use a lot of improvement!

So, how does our state rank in comparison to some of the other roads across America? That answer isn’t as surprising as you think.

Despite supposedly spending millions of dollars on road repairs each year, there are still several cities, especially around Northeast Ohio, that have streets in pure ludicrous condition. And if one of those gaping potholes does enough damage to your vehicle that it needs to be repaired then good luck with getting the city to actually pay for it.

Just how bad are the streets in Cleveland and the rest of the state?

According to a recent report by, Ohio is middle-of-the-road in terms of spending money on street repairs and has the 19th worst set of roads in the United States. Per this report, the state of New Hampshire has the easiest streets to drive on, while California has the least amount of roads with ‘percent of good condition’.

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You can see their entire analysis [here].

If you live in Northeast Ohio, how would you grade the roads that you have to travel on every day? How much room for improvement do you think there is?


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