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Looking for a New Member of the Family?

The city of Elyria has taken in several dogs that are adoptable because of families that have been misplaced due to Hurricane Ian. Keep reading to find out how you can take one home.

One of the afterthoughts for those dealing with tropical storms and dangerous weather is their pets. We don’t often have to worry about uprooting our entire lives up here in Ohio. The same cannot be said for our friends and loved ones living in areas where inclement weather is a constant worry.

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Hurricane Ian swept through parts of Florida and other states last week. Thousands of families left their homes in order to look for more suitable places to stay. Not all of them were able to take their pets, as in most situations there simply just wasn’t enough room.

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In Elyria, Friendship APL Director Greg Willey told FOX 8, “As people are displaced, their homes are gone. There is nowhere to return to. Not everyone of the shelters that are set up allow people to keep their pets. They may need a place for their pets temporarily or they’re moving around trying to find a place to keep a roof over their heads or their children’s head and these animals are a secondary thought.”

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You can see FOX 8’s entire report [here].

The new dogs from Florida should be up for adoption in the next few days. If you’d like more information about adopting one of them, or one of the many other pets at Friendship APL Director, [click here].

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