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25-year-old Shanquella Robinson was on vacation with a group of friends in Cabo, Mexico on October 28th.  Shanquella’s family said they spoke with her on that Friday while she was having dinner.  Shanquella’s family said on Saturday they called and were told she wasn’t feeling well, and they were going to call a doctor.  The Robinsons were then told that Shanquella died from alcohol poisoning, but they smelled a rat.  The entire group returned from Mexico, bringing Shanquella’s belongings to her family as well as lies according to her sister, Tequila Long, who is now speaking out.

According Tequila Long, she last seen her sister Shanquella the day before she left to go to Mexico.

Tequila Long heard that there had been a fight, but she trusted another account from a male friend who said Robinson died of alcohol poisoning.

“I was more believing the dude that she went on the trip with because that was her best friend. So I didn’t think that he would be malicious about anything. I didn’t think that he would tell us a lie. I trusted him. So I took his word for it more than anything, and he said it was alcohol poisoning.”

Then the three friends came to Shanquella’s mothers home:

“They came to meet my mother to talk about the incident that happened in Cabo. The two young ladies, and the male, told us that there wasn’t any type of fighting going on. That they believed what the medic told him, that it was alcohol poisoning. We asked him about the fight because we was hearing from other people that they was out there fighting her, they had jumped on her out there. So they all was giving us a story, a lie, until the video surfaced.”

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Officials have issued an arrest warrant for one of the people on the trip with Shanquella Robinson, but some articles are stating that person has been arrested.  As of now, Mexican authorities have not publicly even named a suspect. They have issued arrest warrants but haven’t said who the warrants are for.

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