Workout Wednesday

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Welcome to The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star Workout Wednesday with Tracey Brown!

Each week personal trainer Tracey M Brown will show us the best practices, tips, and tricks to a good, positive, fit lifestyle.

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This week Tracey Brown is getting us all together with the 30 Minute FULL BODY HIIT Workout

-3 Rounds Total

***Perform each exercise nonstop for the duration of the time, ONLY REST IN THE ALLOTTED TIME.

_Move directly to the next exercise on the group. As each group is complete, you have 30 seconds to prepare for the next group of exercises.

• Repeat this sequence until all 3 groups are complete. REST NOW 60 seconds ONLY to perform round 2/3.

*WARMUP- ( 45 sec on / 10 secs off )

⁃ Marches

⁃ Calf raises

⁃ Inner heel tap

• 30 sec rest before this group

*LEGS/GLUTES- ( 60 sec on / 15 off )

⁃ Squat 4/Jump 4/ repeat

⁃ Pliet Squat 5-5 pulse

⁃ Rainbow glutes

• 30 sec rest before this group

*ARMS/ABS- ( 45 sec on / 10 off )

⁃ Floating table top

⁃ Plank shoulder tap or UpDowns

⁃ Reverse SitUp

Check out the tutorial video below

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