Workout Wednesday

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Welcome to The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star Workout Wednesday with Tracey Brown!

Each week personal trainer Tracey M Brown will show us the best practices, tips, and tricks to a good, positive, fit lifestyle.

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This week Tracey Brown is getting us all together with the ‘Stretch with Us’ workout.

*Start with legs open wide.

⁃ hands down to middle hold for 30 sec

⁃ twist body to left, grabbing ankle or reach floor -30 sec hold

⁃ twist body to right -holding 30 sec

• With this you should feel the stretch in back of hamstrings, as reach hands forward you will relax tension from shoulders

*Have a sit Indian style.

⁃ rotate body in a 360 circle, massaging the glutes as you roll body. -3 xs counter/clockwise

⁃ Hand up over head, with elbow bent, pushing back to stretch through the lats -30 sec

• do both left and right side

⁃ Stretch arm across the body, turn head in the opposite direction for a deeper stretch -30 sec

• do for both sides

⁃ straighten legs out and reach for toes – 30 sec

*Lay on back, hugging both knees to chest – 30 sec

⁃ release one leg and continue the squeeze on just one for 15 sec

• Inhale, begin to straighten leg up in air and reach for toes.- 10 sec

• Exhale, bend knee back to chest, bringing in closer each time – 10 sec

⁃ grab both knees to chest for a 15 sec hug

*Grab one foot. With your hamstring facing the ceiling -hold 10 sec

⁃ extend the same leg straight -10 sec hold

⁃ Bring back in to chest and extend same leg out to side of body. -10 sec hold

Check out the tutorial video below

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