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Two clocks, one showing two o'clock, the other showing three o'clock. Time change symbol.

Source: i-am-helen / Getty

Everyone’s favorite time of year is rolling through this weekend… daylight savings time!

Twice a year, all but two states across the country push their clocks backward or forward by one hour. The next time that will happen is this weekend. On Sunday morning at 2 a.m., clocks will ‘spring forward’ to 3 a.m., so yes, we’ll all be losing an hour of precious sleep!

In November the reverse happens, as clocks ‘fall back’ an hour.

Why do we recognize daylight savings time, anyway?

Daylight savings time began in Germany, as a way for the military to conserve energy and resources during World War I. It was eventually made into a law for most of America in 1966. The only two states that don’t recognize it are Arizona and Hawaii.

There’s also a chance that daylight savings time could end soon! The Sunshine Protection Act is a bill that’s been presented in congress that could put an end to the time changes forever.