Eric Holder listens during sentencing proceeding

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This is not the ‘Green Light’ that Andre 3000 was talking about.

Give me the green light, Give me just one night, I’m ready to go right now ♫

Eric Holder, Jr. was found guilty of first-degree murder on July 6, 2022 for shooting rapper Nipsey Hussle to death outside of his Compton Marathon Clothing store in 2019.  Eric Holder, Jr. in February of 2023 was sentenced to 60 years to life in prison.  But according to a new viral video that is circulating, Holder has been convicted to a little bit more then just 60 years of 2 hots and a cot, but more like ‘hell’ on earth.

A video has gone viral of Eric Holder’s sentencing hearing, where at first some thought it was the judge saying that Eric Holder was pretty much sentenced to hell on earth because he will have a target on his back from the gangs,

“There is a green light on him from all the gangs”

It has now been confirmed that is wasn’t the judge, but rather Eric Holder Jr.’s attorney that was begging for his clients life.

“Once he gets to state prison, he’s a target,”  “There’s a green light on him from all the gangs, all the people that loved Nipsey Hussle. And so, his life in prison is going to be hell for as long as it lasts.”

Take a look at the video below.

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