Workout Wednesday

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Welcome to The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star Workout Wednesday with Tracey Brown!

Each week personal trainer Tracey M Brown will show us the best practices, tips, and tricks to a good, positive, fit lifestyle.

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This week Tracey Brown is getting us ready for our bathing suits with the Slimming The Waist Line WORKOUT


​​ *Chair Crunches ( lay on back, hand up over head, lift shoulders off floor and bring hands in full rotation to the floor) repeat X’s 30

*Bicycles X’s 50 ( lay on back , you will bring hands by the side of head. As the knees come toward face bring opposite elbows down to opposite knee and rotate legs as if were to peddle a bicycle )

*Side plank ( hold for 30 secs, then pulse the hip up n down) X’s 25 ea side

*Standing STatic Crunch elbow to knee – one side at a time. X’s 50 ea side. Make sure knee and elbow touches

*Tree Climb sit-ups / laying on back climbing one leg at a time ( thigh, calf, toe walk it down and repeat opposite leg). X’s 20 ea leg

*Standing oblique -straight leg crunch

( focus on one side at a time. Drive arm up over head and bend elbow down as you raise leg outward from your body) X’s 30 ea side

Check out the tutorial video below

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