Graduation shooting in Richmond

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Graduation season is supposed to be the happiest time in a parents life.  Watching your baby walk across that stage symbolizes all your hard work coming to fruition as your baby is now preparing to leave the nest.  Tuesday in Richmond, VA after parents finished drying their tears of joy watching their children move that tassel over,  tears of sorrow was shed because one of the graduating seniors and his father was shot and killed while leaving graduation.

According to a report, a 19 year old who allegedly new the 18 year old graduate Shawn Jackson and his 36 year old father, Renzo Smith, shot and killed them both.  19 year old Amari Pollard was arrested for the shooting which injured at least five other people.  The motive for the shooting, remains under investigation.

“This is supposed to be a joyous day when our kids walk the stage and get their diplomas. Which is what they all did here for Huguenot today, and walked out the doors into their families’ and friends’ arms taking pictures,”  “And then this tragedy occurred. I don’t have any more words on this. I’m tired of seeing people get shot. Our kids get shot. And I beg of the entire community to stop, to just stop. Our kids can’t take it. Our teachers can’t take it. Our families can’t take it anymore. I beg of you to stop.”  -Richmond Schools Superintendent Jason Kamras

We will be keeping the families of these victims uplifted in our prayers.

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