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When you know better, you do better and in the case of Mary J. Blige that lesson cost her millions in taxes.

Since ‘What’s The 411’ MJB has been keeping it real and giving us the 411 through her musical autobiographies.   The good, the bad and the ugly.  So recently when she shared in a panel event that her ex-husband/manager, Kendu, had mismanaged ‘her’ money, the testimony shouldn’t have came as no surprise.

When the subject of taxes came up Mary J. Blige said that she owed the IRS so much money, that she didn’t think she would ever get out of debt.  That debt was hundreds of millions of dollars.  But because of that fiasco Mary J. Blige learned to manage ‘her’ money by overseeing ‘her’ money and recognized that all the money being brought in wasn’t hers.

“Now I have the wisdom. Now I look at my payroll; that’s not my money. My taxes are not my money … so I’m like, ‘Pay my payroll, pay my taxes, pay my ties,’ all of that money I don’t even wanna see it because it doesn’t belong to me.” “And that’s how I was moving, period. I was moving like that period, but no one listened to me. When I was married, I was like, ‘Pay my taxes, pay my ties,’ but they didn’t listen to me. He was in control of everything.”


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