VP Pence Joins Alabama Senate Candidate Luther Strange At Campaign Rally

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While former president Donald Trump ran the country, Mike Pence, would be hanging in the back ground doing his Vice President thing appearing to stand behind while with Donald Trump.  Pence’s stand by your man seemed to fall off after Trump lost the election to Joe Biden and the people Trump told to stand down/by decided to storm the U.S Capital with according to there chants having a target on the former Vice Presidents back.

Since the what seemed to be unreal resurrection, Trump has thrown his hat back in for the 2024 presidential elections while being indicted on criminal charges, Pence has been kind of quiet until now.

Florida’s DeSantis has threw his hat in the ring, Cornel West has threw his ascot in now it’s Mike Pence’s turn and now Pence is telling us how he really feels about Trump.

To celebrate his 64th birthday Mike Pence while making his official announcement that he was running President had this to say:

“Different times call for different leadership.”…“The American people deserve to know that on that day, President Trump also demanded that I choose between him and the Constitution,” … “Now, voters will be faced with the same choice: I chose the constitution and I always will.” …“I believe that anyone who puts themselves over the constitution should never be president of the United States,” he said. “And anyone who asked someone else to put them over the constitution should never be president of the United States again.”

Take a listen below, then give us your thoughts about Pence for President.

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