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Leave me alone, Stop it, Just stop doggin’ me around

Yes it is 2023, Michael Jackson passed in 2009, 14 years, A.D., Wade Robson will not leave Michael Jackson alone as it is being reported the California Court of Appeals will allow Wade Robson’s molestation accusations against Michael Jackson to be heard in a court of law.

10 years after Micheal Jackson passed the documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ dropped.  ‘Leaving Neverland’  focused on two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who allege they were sexually abused as children, between the ages of 7 and 14 by the singer Michael Jackson.

Interestingly enough in 2005, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was on trial for molesting another boy, Wade Robson testified that although he slept in Michael Jackson’s bed, nothing happened, however now Robson alleges that he falsely testified because of “complete manipulation and brainwashing.

Wade Robson is suing Michael Jackson’s corporation — MJJ Productions, Inc. Jackson’s company lawyers argued the company had no legal duty to protect Robson or anyone else from MJ because it had no ability to control him.

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