Donald Trump

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In scene that was reminiscent of when O.J. turned himself in but magnified 100 times over.  Former President Donald Trump landed his private personalized jet in the ATL then a motorcade led him to turn himself in to the infamous Fulton County jail, tonight.

However Trump wasn’t there long, only long enough to be processed and released on a $200,ooo bond.  Trump just like us posted 10% while using a local Atlanta bonding company called Foster Bail Bonds LLC.

But not long after Donald Trump was released, so was his mug shot along his booking number P01135809 to the public.

Donald Trump then returned to his plane to answer some questions, making a statement then bounced.

“What has taken place here is a travesty of justice. We did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong and everybody knows it,” “I’ve never had such support and that goes with the other ones too. What they’re doing is election interference.”

For someone that hasn’t done anything wrong he sure has been booked a lot lately.

Take a look at Donald Trumps mugshot and the video below.

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