Workout Wednesday

Source: Tracey Brown / Canva

Welcome to The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star Workout Wednesday with Tracey Brown!

Each week personal trainer Tracey M Brown will show us the best practices, tips, and tricks to a good, positive, fit lifestyle.

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This week Tracey Brown is getting us together with the ‘At Work Workout’

30 seconds on 10 seconds off

⁃ perform this routine for 15-20 minutes for an intense Full body Workout

*Calf raises

*Squats or squat jumps

*Incline push-ups

*Lateral hip raise w/ knee crunch

*Elbow to knee oblique twist

*Glute kickbacks ( each leg)

*Tricep dips

*Reverse lunge (alternate legs)

*Runners OR skiers for higher intensity

See the tutorial video below.

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