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Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin Arrested For George Floyd Death

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Breaking news the other day was the ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin that was convicted of murdering George Floyd had been stabbed by another inmate at a federal prison in Arizona.  The family of Derek Chauvin is furious because they found out about his stabbing like everyone else did, through social media.

According to Derek Chauvin’s attorney not only did they find out about the stabbing through social media, they still don’t know how it happened or who did it, all they know is that Derek Chauvin is in stable condition.

Chauvin’s Attorney Gregory M. Erickson told TMZ;  the prison should’ve prevented this stabbing from happening in the first place — noting Chauvin is the most high-profile person in custody since, arguably, O.J. Simpson … and that any other inmate getting near him should’ve been kept at bay — if not completely frisked to make sure weapons stayed far away.

Arizona prison administrators say they are committed to protecting the former police officer who was convicted for the death of George Floyd.

The irony in all of this the Floyd family found out about his murder the same way.

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