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"Birthplace Of Hip Hop" Celebrates 50 Years In The Bronx

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This year Hip Hop celebrated 50 years in a music industry where originally the odds were stacked against them.  It had been said that Hip Hop was a fad, then Hip Hop was just too violent, Hip Hop was even blamed for the wrongs that were going on in America opposed to just being simply the voice of the unheard and misunderstood.  A genre that was once snubbed from award shows in 50 years Hip Hop survived and has become a culture that has made the music industry billions.

Although Hip Hop is worthy to be celebrated according to some not all is worthy of Hip Hop’s presence.

This past weekend Hip Hop greats from the past and presence took the stage for ‘Grammy Salute to 50 Years of Hip Hop’ produced by Questlove of The Roots, and as lit as the celebration was, there were some noticeable historic rappers missing from the production.  One of those missing was Mr. Boogie Down productions, KRS-One.

Much like his name, Knowledge Rules Supreme, KRS-One, explained his absence had nothing to do with beef, but more of how he doesn’t have any respect for the Grammy’s and how they aren’t worthy of his presence.

Take a look at KRS kick the knowledge in the video below.

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