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The shocking heartbreaking news over the weekend was the Memphis rapper Yo Gotti’s brother, Anthony “Big Jook” Mims, was gunned down in Memphis on Saturday afternoon. Jook was fatally wounded outside of Perignons Restaurant and Event Center on the 6300 block of Winchester Road. He was in the area for a funeral and repass service of a family member.

47 year old rapper Rick Ross three days following Jook’s murder is calling out Memphis to stop the violence.

Rick Ross while preparing to receive an honor during the Role Models of Excellence breakfast in Miami, Ross called for “young brothers” to stop the violence, had this to to say.

“I flew out of Houston 3 a.m., got back to Miami—I’m headed to an event titled 5000 Role Models where we acknowledging the young leaders, the young kings, our young brothers. We gotta empower the brothers…., “And while I’m speaking on this, our brothers in Memphis: I need y’all to know there’s only one way to wisdom and wealth, and that’s through each other. You understand? Through each other. Put the ski masks down, put the guns down, let’s embrace each other now, et’s show that love. Rest in peace to all our good brothers, man.”

Give Rick Ross an AMEN, then take a look at the video below.

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