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Grammy award winning singer, Chrisette Michele, took to a different kind of stage recently.  Instead of singing ‘A Couple Of Forevers’, Chrisette Michele, preached a Ted Talk word on ‘cancel culture’

Chrisette Michele has been dealing with cancel culture surrounding her performance at President Trump’s inaugural ball. She has been dropped by her label, struggling with depression, and suffered a miscarriage. Chrisette Michele took the Ted Talk stage to break down what happened. It’s been 7 years.

“Like many of you, I didn’t vote for [Trump],” Michele said boldly, further adding in her speech intro, “Like many of you, I felt the collective break in the country’s heart and the hearts of millions. So, I decided to sing a song I thought could heal. The song written by Travis Greene was called ‘Intentional.’ He took the first verse; I took the second. Instead of ‘healing,’ there was a media onslaught of ‘hate’ — somehow Travis’ music shot up the charts, but I was deemed ‘cancelled’ by the loudest voices of social media. While I despise talking about the cultural phenomenon that is ‘cancel culture,’ I still to this day can’t get through an interview without being asked about it. So, I decided to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on the matter once and for all.”

Chrisette Michele’s conclusion….CANCEL THAT!

Should she still be canceled?  An even better question is, should have been cancelled in the first place?

Take a look at Chrisette Michele’s Ted Talk video below

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