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Finally Vlogger Tasha K has a ‘W’ in the win column.

Actor/comedian Kevin Hart has filed a lawsuit against Tasha K for allegedly trying to extort him for $250k.  Kevin Hart claims Tasha K sent a representative from her blog to Kevin’s team in November 2023 saying that she had an interview with Kevin’s former assistant, Miesha Shake, and if he didn’t want the damaging interview to come out he had to cough up $250,000.  Kevin Hart responded with a cease and desist, Tasha K doubled down by dropping a snippet of the interview, then upped the ante saying the complete interview can be viewed on her website.

Kevin Hart then requested a temporary restraining order to compel Tasha K to remove the video of her interview with his ex-assistant Miesha Shakes. Hart claims the interview contains defamatory statements that threaten his reputation and career.

It’s being reported that a judge has denied Kevin Harts request for a temporary restraining order.

According to Rolling Stone, Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff decided the request Kevin submitted to get a temporary restraining order against Tasha K left out important details for him to grant the TRO. The request said the video should be deleted because it’s defamatory and all lies, but they left out WHY it was a lie, something the judge found odd. Beckloff said he wasn’t going to pay $12 for the subscription to view the interview, so Kevin’s lawyers should’ve given specifics.

See the blow by blow below.

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