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A Walmart employees actions/concerns for a child, lead to the mother being charged with child neglect, actions that got her fired.

A video went viral when a fully dressed woman went grocery shopping in a Mississippi Walmart pushing her baby in a shopping cart with nothing on but a diaper. The temperature outside on this day was 20 degrees with even colder wind chills.  The small child was visibly shivering, so a Walmart employee confronted the mother while videoing her, and said she was calling the police.  The mother who was clearly unbothered by the threat of police involvement was as confronted by a male shopper because she started throwing frozen food on the small child.  The a woman in a riding cart pulled up to the mothers shopping cart with cloths she had purchased and she started clothing the child while the mother scrolled on her phone.

Because of the Walmart employees actions and concerns for the child, the mother was arrested and is being charged.  The child is now in the custody of relatives, while the Walmart employee that stepped in has been fired.  Walmart said in a statement that they share the concerns for the child in Jackson, Mississippi, but the stand on their code of  conduct.

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