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Queen of the James Kingdom, Savannah along with her homegirl April McDaniel, debuted the highly anticipated ‘Everybody’s Crazy’ podcast last week.  The concept of Everybody’s Crazy, is whether you’ve got a story to share, or want guidance on how to navigate your crazy situation,  all you got to do is call 888-601-CRZY (2799) hotline.

In the most recent episode of ‘Everybody’s Crazy’ a 17 year old teenager named Darrell from Atlanta called in complaining about his mother reprimanding him for cursing and showing emotion while playing video games. Savannah explained that she has a rule where she allows Bronny and Bryce to curse while playing basketball, and felt she needed to translate it to their time playing video games.

That’s when Darrell from Atlanta revealed he was really Bryce James, her son.

Bryce James- “To be honest, Mom, I don’t even think that’s crazy at all,”

Savannah James reaction to the curse conversation:

“Wait! Bryce? What the fuck?”

Too funny !!  Take a look and listen to ‘Everybody’s Crazy’ episode 2 podcast below.

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