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Whatever guests be sipping on in Club Shay Shay, it causes them to regurgitate piping hot tea that keeps the internet talking.  Shannon Sharpe made a u-turn from comedians that have been causing a social media s**t show and returned to his sports roots when he sat down to have a chit chat with former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel, on the Club Shay Shay podcast.

Johnny Football took a sip then began to talk about his regrets while he was in Cleveland, other then being a number one draft pick that didn’t work out, but more about how he regretted dissing LeBron James who it sound like was finding time to be a mentor to Manziel, while bringing a championship to the city of Cleveland.

“I remember, this is how bad off I was whenever I was in Cleveland, LeBron would text me every week to come over to the house and watch a game or play poker with the boys and just tried to be there,” “I was so depressed for the first time in my life that even my biggest role model and inspiration in my life couldn’t get me out of bed to come and hang out with him.”

Johnny Manziel was once the NFL’s shining star, but his struggles with sobriety led to being fired by his agent and then released by the Cleveland Browns.

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