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They called Tiffany Henyard ‘Super Mayor’ 2 years ago when she became the first black woman to hold the seat in the small village of Dolton, IL.  It’s being reported that the FBI is coming for neck, accusing her of misusing taxpayer money, taking first class trips to Vegas.

Mayor Tiffany Henyard has reportedly been spending taxpayer dollars on lavish trips, her own personal security detail, and has used her power and influence to stop certain businesses from operating in the city.

Allegedly, Lawrence Gardner, a local business owner, claims he made a donation to her charity once, but when Henyard wanted the money to continue, and he refused, she suspended his business license. This prompted Garner to go the FBI.

An official statement from Henyard claims they have not been subpoenaed for anything yet. The village of Dolton is reportedly $5 mil in the red since being under Henyard’s leadership.

Hear what Mayor Tiffany Henyard has to say about the allegations in the video below.

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