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Can’t stop, won’t stop, a woman is saying she won’t until Diddy “pay the price for what you did to my life.”

In a TikTok shared on Wednesday, Natania Reuben, claims Diddy shot her in the face at Club New York in 1999.

“I am the woman who he shot in the face in that December 27th, 1999 Club New York shooting,” she said. “I have told everyone, ad nauseam, since then. … I literally have told everyone and never changed what I said. I watched him. I got pow-powed in the face. I watched him fire the gun.”

Recently Rodney Jones a former producer and videographer for Diddy, filed documents claiming that Diddy sexually assaulted him, accusing Diddy and other of sexually harassing, drugging, and threatening him for more than a year. The lawsuit alleges that Diddy forced Rodney to procure sex workers and pressured him to engage in unwelcomed sex acts with them and others.  Team Diddy denied Rodney’s claims.

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