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Rapper Cardi B dropped a new single on March 1st titled ‘Like What (Freestyle)’ where some felt some kind of way when she said in the verse, “Classy and a c*nt/ Blocks and money getting spunt/ Like, like what?/ Like a Coach bag, baby, this ain’t what you want.”  Some thought Cardi B was dissing Coach bags, which brought about the debate on “what’s wrong with a Coach purse?”

According to Cardi B the answer is nothing is wrong with a Coach bag.  The bars dropped on ‘Like What’ were inspired by a 13 year old song “Hey Muma.” where Cam’ron spits “Yo, girl, get a notepad/ You ain’t got no swag/ And you so fine, it’s so sad/ Still riding coach, need a Coach bag/ Let me coach you, no coach tags/ Get rid of that Coach bag”

Cardi B who has always meant what she says, to make things right posted a video of herself shopping for a Coach bag, on her time and her dime.

Take a look at the video below.

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