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Wendy Williams

Source: A+E Networks / lifetime

Lifetime documentaries has brought about change once again.  Their docuseries ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ put the pied piper on trial in the court of public opinion that ultimately landed Robert Kelly behind bars.  Now once again the presentation of ‘Where Is Wendy Williams’ has thrown the case of the Queen of Daytime television disappearance into a lens that has called for a public out cry of not only where is Wendy Williams, but who are these people around her.  Wendy Williams family wasn’t given the opportunity to be in charge if her but a team of outsiders were, now it’s being reported that those outsiders are no longer a part of team Wendy Williams.

It’s being reported that publicist Shawn Zanotti that took Wendy Williams to LA without permission has been off the team for a while and is allegedly in trouble for taking Wendy Williams to California without the permission of Wendy Williams guardianship.  Also jeweler-turned-manager, Will Selby, is no longer connected to her professionally, although they are allegedly on speaking terms — and the split must have been recent because Selby confirmed to last week that he was still representing the star.