Play dates can be a blessing or a curse – depending on if you’re the lucky host this time around. Truth be told, it can be frustrating to have families into your home who don’t show a basic respect for your house rules. While you can’t necessarily hand over this list without seeming a bit overbearing, you can teach by example. Keep these 6 standards on hand for the next play date, and use them wherever you go!

1. Timing is Everything. Just as you wouldn’t want a real date to show up 30 minutes late, keep on schedule with any appointments you have for playing. Likewise, avoid being too early. Most moms I know are still finishing up with their tidying just minutes before guests walk in the door, or a child’s napping schedule may be affecting by an unexpected arrival.

2. Come Prepared. While everyone forgets a diaper at one time or another, some parents have been known to use a host home as their own personal retail outlet. Bring a well-stocked diaper bag, complete with an extra change of clothes, and anything your child would need on a typical afternoon out. Just because your host home has socks in your tyke’s size, doesn’t mean they want to lend them out — indefinitely.


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